Who is this for

Who is this for?

It’s for all the people who want to have control over their nutritional choices, learn more about healthy eating and have fun experimenting with new tastes

It’s for all the people who in their hearts want to support those people by holding the vision of what is possible

It’s for organisations who are concerned that there is a crisis in nutritional support, with 70% of people with learning difficulties either overweight or underweight and in our survey 20% of support workers  were unaware of the governments 5 a day campaign

It’s for parents and families of people with additional needs of all ages, preparing for independence or just looking for solutions and help.

Where to start:

Book  one of our talks or demonstrations. From our nationwide survey 63% of respondents in supported living said that they would like support to learn more about eating healthily, the most popular options were to learn in their own home either with their friends or with someone who visits the house to help them learn about healthy eating.

A great way to start off the process is for Caroline to come to your house and show you how you could make a start. From two hour taster sessions to half or full day workshops it’s the perfect way to discover if you would like to do more. Download our pdf printable brochure here

A two hour demonstration/talk would give you the chance to:

  • Experience using the MySmart Cards©
  • Talk about eating fruits and vegetables
  • Taste a smoothie and juice
  • Discover how to eat the rainbow!

A half day workshop gives you:

  • Basic health & hygiene  practises
  • Fruit preparation
  • Practical experience in making juices and smoothies
  • A set of MySmart Cards© to use in the home
  • Practice using the MySmart Cards© to make your choices

A whole day workshop:

  • All the above from the half day workshop plus +
  • Vegetable preparation
  • Steaming vegetables
  • Making your lunch and a snack
  • Receive a wall chart & note book to track your progress 
  • Photo record of your day 
  • Recipe’s of what you made
  • Create a plan to take what you have learnt forwards
For organisations please get in touch to find out more about how we can run larger workshops for your support workers.