Hello all parents out there!

Parents Workshop

Parents Workshop

We are now really excited to be introducing the MySmart Cards© workshops for parents. This is aimed at parents who want to have a creative solution or addition to help them to make healthy choices for their families. On the workshop we cover:

  • Learning how to use and work with the MySmart Cards© pack; colour coded fruit and vegetable cards food record charts, wall chart and recipe’s.
  • Make 6  delicious juices and smoothies in the kitchen including ‘smooth’ drinks for people who are mouth sensitive.
  • Create easy ways to introduce your idea’s to other family members without alienating them!

The workshop is designed to fit in with the school run and busy parents!  We hold the workshop on a weekday from 10 am – 2:15 pm

You will also be able to join our private support group for people who are working with the MySmart Card© programme, get ongoing idea’s, recipe’s, downloads and idea’s.