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Stuffed Peppers with green Salad

This makes a tasty lunch 1 green pepper 1 small aubergine 1 yellow pepper 1 medium tomato 1 purple onion 1 lemon 1 pack of mixed dark baby salad leaves Chili flavored breadcrumbs… Continue reading

The Romsey Food Festival Smoothie Bike

Romsey Food Festival We sampled lots of vegan chocolate cake, vegan nut rolls and washed it down with a pedal powered smoothie! The local Romsey Rapids fitness team bought down the bike to… Continue reading

Cooking with my son yesterday

I was reminded yesterday by something that had happened during the week with my son just how large the gap is in his ability in some areas of his thinking. It’s just another… Continue reading

Summer Fish Supper

I love this supper when I need a boost of oily fish. The dark green salad with the squeeze of lemon help to balance the dish and it is so quick to prepare.… Continue reading

Veggie Risotto

This is one of the most easiest meals to make. Using 1 Aubergine, 2 small red onions, 2 red peppers, 1 head broccoli, and 2 cloves garlic. Plus a handful of grated parmesan… Continue reading

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