Massaging Kale!

Dark Green - Curly Kale

Dark Green – Curly Kale

This is how you make a dark green taste amazing and yummy with all the goodness maintained. Yesterday I was working with a client to make a delicious salad containing orange, red, & dark green colours. As you probably know here at the Living Rainbow we work on eating colour rather than focusing on anything more complex so our meals are fun, vibrant and enjoyable.

Here’s how to do it!

We used 180 gram bag of organic kale

Tear off  the leaves from  the thick fibrous  ribs.

Put the leaves in a bowl with:

¼  teaspoon salt (we used pink mineral rich salt)

2 tablespoons of good quality oil ( we used extra virgin olive oil)

With clean hands take handfuls of kale and rub together, massage for approx. 5 minutes   The massaging will break down the cellulose and leave you with sweet smooth dark green leaves which have shrunken down in size and become easy to eat and digest.

We made this great salad  adding these extra items:

Tasty Kale Salad

Tasty Kale Salad


1 roasted squash cut into slices and roasted using olive oil and a little salt  and cooked at 200deg C for about 30 minutes or until soft

1 cup of giant couscous – cooked for 6 minutes in water as per instructions on packet – cooled  and added to the kale

½ cup pomegranate –

The dressing was made from

1 squeezed orange

2 dessert spoons of maple syrup

we already had olive oil and the salt on the kale leaves so did’t need to add any more

We just mixed it all together – really simple easy and nutritious

This made 4 servings and was delicious

We thought it would be good to add feta cheese as well so were going to try this another time.