Partnering with Chaos


We are really happy to be partnering with Chaos Support, a fully independent and parent led organisation working to improve the situations of young adults and children with a learning disability in Havant and the South of England

We have embarked on what feels like a journey of exciting discovery with the guy’s making two smoothies and two juices to give an added healthy option to their menu. Chaos recently received funding to support eight adults to learn about, prepping, creating and then serving food to the general public.


The guys will be working in the Chaos kitchen to do this before taking their wares out to various venues in their recently purchased catering van.

With several of the participants in the project now passing their food safety training The Living Rainbow has started the process of working with them to offer options and advise on the process of concept, design, marketing and delivery.

On top of this worthwhile project is the great news that TLRF and Chaos are being filmed for a documentary for the next several months recording the journey from concept to delivery. This is such a wonderful opportunity for us all for more exposure and for others to become involved.

Right now we have the smoothies and juice recipe’s decided on, sample bottles and costings coming in. We have a designer ready to start on the label so we are well on the way.

The only down side is that the funding does not include us at TLRF! However the upside is that this gives an opportunity for businesses who might want some publicity to become involved, be part of the film and have other brand exposure opportunities offered to them.

If you would like to support this project in some way then please get in touch.