6 specific points to creating a 90 second introduction

Chloe and Jemma Focusing

Chloe and Jemma Focusing!

Focus focus focus!

It’s all about focus!

We’ve been lucky enough to have Chloe and Jemma from Solent Creatives offer to help us make an introduction for our organisation. When working without a budget it’s always great to have the offer of help and we are extremely grateful for their time and input in making this 90 second video to our MySmart Cards© Programme.

It’s interesting how much time we have all put in to make this short introduction, it feels a bit like twitter where you only have limited characters,  you want to get your point across to attract people to begin a relationship with your company. I have been thinking of our process so far and thought to share.

6 specific points to creating a 90 second introduction

1) Be clear on your message, who your customer is and how you want to interact with them.

2) Write a script,  break it down into 3 parts, a beginning, middle and end, the who, what and why?

a) Who you are

b) What you do 

c) Why you do it.

3) Decide on the background music, is it appropriate to use music and if so where and how you want people to feel.

4) If your speaking on the video keep your voice interesting, nothing worse than a monologue. Practice what you have to say and get some friends to listen to you and give feed back. Remember people watching your film will possibly know nothing about you or your organisation, at this stage they are evaluating if they want to know more.

5) Include a call for action at the end, decide what you want your customers to do?

What is the next step? For example, sign up for your newsletter, watch more films, get involved, read more about you, etc..

6) Make sure you end the film with clear details on how you can be contacted. Sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t include this.

And final thoughts….

At this point you are right at the beginning of a potentially  long relationship, make it really easy for people to do the next step, imagine you were visiting a really large hotel, think about how you are greeted and if you are shown your room or just told to carry your own luggage and find your own way, it’s not quite the same as being valued and treated as though you are the only customer. I remember several years ago staying at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver and when we arrived we were greeted by the concierge and addressed by our names, to this day I do not know how he knew who we were, you know what, I remember him and everything about our stay at that hotel, we were escorted to the front desk, to our rooms and shown the lounge where we could get snacks and drinks etc. It was all easy and effortless. So think about how you want you customers to feel in this strange environment i.e. your website. Show them step by step until they feel confident that they know where to go….

Building online relationships 🙂 with Heart