Cooking with my son yesterday

I was reminded yesterday by something that had happened during the week with my son just how large the gap is in his ability in some areas of his thinking. It’s just another incident which makes me think:

  • How many safeguards have to be put in place to ensure the safety of our loved ones in care? 

These little incidents or big incidents just keep knocking on the door of:

  • how can we trust as parents the safety of our grown-up children, even with all the paperwork, risk assessments, care plans etc. that are in place which appear not to work unless you have totally committed, passionate vocational support workers who work for the betterment of the people they support.

Anyway onto the cooking bit!

Even before I start I want to backtrack to the week before last where Ben was able to do his shopping by himself, which involved organising his shopping list, walking to the shop, using the fish and meat counters, actually asking for what he wanted and be understood and bringing it all home again. I was unable to support him through the day but arrived at teatime to help him cook his meal.

He had chosen, a lovely piece of salmon with new potatoes, spinach and broccoli, how’s that for a healthy meal? Such a difference from some microwaved ready meal which he would have been having 18 months ago. His confidence and happiness at managing to do it all on his own was a delight to witness.

Last week he also made his first ever cocktail! When I arrived to help him with his shopping he was grinning from ear to ear and saying ‘ I’m going to make a cocktail’!

We went to the local shop to choose a cocktail shaker, then with his weekly shopping he also chose a non-alcoholic mixer, some fruit juice, a lime, straws and a small bottle of wine, very small bottle of wine!

Ben’s first cocktail

This is the photograph of the finished cocktail and the delight on his face.

Confidence, concentration and focus

So finally yesterday’s cooking, as you can see by the photograph Ben is looking so much more confident and although he’s not able to cook on his own, he is doing a really good job of managing with prompts. He loves Jamie Olivers website which he often uses to choose what he wants to cook he then e-mails me recipes. Yesterday he was cooking beautiful-courgette-carbonara

It’s been quite a week, we’re very excited as we are developing a new tool to help people with learning difficulties to plan their meals and drinks. We are also looking at funding so that we can deliver our coaching program for people with learning difficulties to learn more about adding fruits and vegetables into their diet, making simple meals and having fun with food, it’s all going on here!