Thinking about St Lucia

My breakfast smoothie today

One of my favourite breakfast smoothies is blending a mango, banana and organic coconut milk together.

It’s quite a luxurious smoothly insomuch that it is expensive in this country, mangoes and organic coconut milk has almost doubled in price over the past couple of years so it’s not something that I have every day!  Unlike when I was living in Saint Lucia  I lived for sometime up north in Rodney Bay but after meeting Bernie, to whom I am now married, to we went down south to his small farm and built an incredibly beautiful wooden hut on stilts which we lived in for a whole blissful summer together.

As we had no electric for some time when the sun came up in the morning we would get up and when it got dark at night we would go to bed. One of the best things amongst many of living that way was picking all the fruits from the trees which surrounded us,  we had bananas, mangoes, coconuts and multitude of other vegetables and fruits to pick.

Early in the morning, first thing Bernie would go out and harvest our breakfast coming back 10 minutes  later with an armful of fresh mangoes bananas and coconuts and we would sit there on the veranda eating a feast discussing what time we were going to walk down to the beach! Before you say it ‘why did you come back?’ it was  and always will be a wonderful time of my life. Bernie and I spent quite a few years travelling around, we lived in Canada as well for a year and made some great friends there. But there was still more to do here there’s my two grown up sons, one of them with learning difficulties living in supported living and the pull was strong to come home.

So back to today!

My breakfast recipe this morning:

1 small ripe mango

1 banana

1/3 tin  organic coconut milk  + as much again of spring water

blend altogether and enjoy

(Note) this is very sweet, high calorie, sugars and fats, which works for me if I’m off to work out. I would have enjoyed adding a handful of spinach into the mix which would have been a really good way to balance it out a bit more,  getting my light green vegetable today, but I didn’t have any.