Juicing for Energy

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My body just loves vegetable juice.

There are a number of reasons why I drink juice, now I have to say I do not always manage to drink a veggie juice every day of the month, but I do in the main eat between 6-10 portions of the colourful stuff, for instance I have been at home today, well actually I have been at home all week because I caught a nasty virus which has made me realise I need to stop and take care of my body.

I had overloaded myself last week and stretched myself too thin, something I attempt not to do but it happens. On those occasions when I take on too much my nutrition suffers……

However drum role….I can quickly revive the body over a couple of days by drinking a pint or two of veggie juice each day.

Here’s a few things to remember;

  • Juice is not a substitute for meals unless you are on a juice feast but will help you to take smaller portions if that is your focus.
  • Juicing is easier for the body to get a wide variety of concentrated nutrients
  • It’s easy to disguise vegetables which you may not like as much in a juice
  • Eat your fruits whole but juice your greens

Heres a good article on juicing for beginners by Dr Mercola


Meanwhile back to my second juice this afternoon 🙂