Eating the Rainbow

MySmart Cards©

Empowering people with additional needs to make nutritional step changes and experience the results of their own creativity.

To do this we offer:


Attending or asking Caroline to come along to give a demonstration is a great way to see how you can add more fruits and veggies into your daily routine


Workshops for groups to learn how to use the MySmart Card© programme, spend time on the theory before moving into the kitchen, making smoothies, juices and inventive ways to prepare foods.

Workshops for people with additional needs, their parents / parent carers / carers and support workers

One to One Coaching

Personalised coaching programme using the MySmart Cards© to support you to make the changes you want. From shopping with you to sorting  out your kitchen and creating your recipe’s you will be able to know you are on the right track to adding more fruits and veggies into what you eat each day.